Diễn Viên Catherine Knight

Catherine Knight

Thông tin diễn viên

Give a salute to porn’s latest hidden gem, vivacious beauty Catherine Knight. Hailing from the Maule Region of Chile, the breathtakingly stunning brunette has a killer body combined with gorgeous looks, while her pierced nipples and tattoos enhance her sex appeal. After working in mainstream modeling for about a decade, Catherine decided to leave the catwalk behind her and make a break for herself in the world of porn. Since she first started webcamming back in 2020, the bisexual babe’s career has really taken off, and she now fantasizes about shooting a BDSM gangbang scene! Describing herself as overtly sexual, the petite nymph is easily turned on, and she isn’t shy about fucking in public, even quoting how she loves to fuck in a club with people staring! Catherine also has an artistic flair, and when she isn’t busy getting her tight holes filled on set, she enjoys relaxing at home painting. The fun and bubbly spinner also loves to occasionally let her hair down by attending underground raves. Check out Catherine’s epic scenes right here!

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